Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mars Attacks Saucers.

I got permission to post some of the work I recently did for The TOPPS Company. These designs we're done to create a unified look for all the Martian war machines in the new comic book series. The comic book artists will use my designs as a template in the series. This was a awesome job, I didn't have to create any shiny illustrations, it was pure design.:)T he new series is being published by IDW. Go check it out.:)

These are all rough designs.



Thomas Candillier said...

Hello Mack,

your work is really pure and expressive, i like it !

I have one question.
Can you tell me how you process to get the saucer result ?

i think the modeling is on sketchup, but for the texturing ? do you use any render software ?

Big thanks !

Mack said...

Hey Thomas, sorry for the slow reply. All my textures and additions are done in Photoshop.